Is it possible to visually design with Chakra UI?

Hello everyone. Is it possible to visually design with chakra ui? Saw some forum posts that death ended.

My usecase: building ui for my app takes way to much time I would love to visually build and debug my chakra ui layouts. Badically what plasmic provides for ant design system. Also wonder if its possible to combine the 2 ( non ideal solution ) but to get my personal project get finished faster.

And a really dump question plasmic is lieted as opensource? Would that mean you can use the visual builder locally with a custom react version?

Some parts of Plasmic is open source, but Plasmic studio / editor is not at the time, and so it’s not possible to run the editor locally right now

Really cool producy. Do you happen to know is chakra ui is supported soon or non officially? I saw a repro. Would love speeding up building chakra ui.

You can already use Chakra UI (or any other design system) with Plasmic, you’ll just need to call into the registrations here: