Is Plasmic content served by vanilla JS crawlable?

quick question: will plasmic content served by vanilla js be able to be picked up & crawled by search engines?


Yes, it will be seen correctly by Google. Here is a small CodeSandbox demo that fetches a simple new Plasmic-designed page using vanilla client-side fetch:

This publishes to the domain:

You can try running it through:

Here’s the screenshot of the results:

However, that’s a demo of vanilla JS fetch on the browser (client-side). Even though Google can index this, it is not ideal for performance. Users will see a flash of an empty page, and then the browser will load the actual page.

Ideally, you can do the fetch server-side, and serve the HTML directly to the browser.

Please let me know if that makes sense. Where/how are you trying to integrate?

great thank you! i’m looking into options for an art directed blog on shopify.