Is Plasmic for no-code or for content?

Hi anyone! any no-coder using Plasmic? or is it mostly for devs with content writers right now?

:hand: On the slippery slope from no code to low code via plasmic.

how are you finding it? :slightly_smiling_face:

I started off as a no coder. But I learned so much from using plasmic I’m full in on low-code to some-code now.

Take the code pill! for HTML, CSS and JS. Then for React. No code/low code are all well and good but there’s no substitute for learning programming, it’s a super power for any designers who have the builder itch.

@causal_bobolink yeah, getting there. It’s a steep curve IMO. Don’t have as much time as I once did, so progress feels slow compared to no code. But the power to customise no code with code is pretty exciting.

Did you play plasmic levels?

Yeh, definitely. That was helpful to understand the extent of what can be done and how it works, but I’m looking to use it for some serious special cases - mainly api integrations, not just a static landing page