Is porting an existing React/Next UI to Plasmic possible/efficient?

I have an app, that serves as a client portal/ unique content mashup generator and is intended to be B2B SAAS / Multi-tenant. It is a ReactJS/ NextJS app that uses Ant Design and some custom components and we host it on AWS. It connects to our own API/ Backend for data/content that I intend to keep.

We are looking for more rapid iteration of our UI, it is already feeling old and I truly think tools like Plasmic would allow us a better way to manage it, but starting from scratch seems daunting.

I’m wondering how quickly we might be able to port/ replace our UI with a toolset like Plasmic (or an alternative). Is there someone who has deep experience in Plasmic apps that could talk me through an idea like this and perhaps create a proposal?

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Hi @bruce_kibbey, welcome to the Plasmic forum.

There are some ways to more quickly onboard onto Plasmic:

  • Register your code components so you can use your custom built components inside the Plasmic Studio editor. For example, you could register Ant Design components into Studio.
  • Import from Figma to quickly bring designs into Studio

There are also more incremental ways to adopt Plasmic. Since Plasmic basically outputs React components, you could use Plasmic only for new pages/component and slowly convert existing pages.

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Hello @bruce_kibbey

I’m a full-stack developer experienced in ReactJS, NextJS, AWS hosting, and UI/UX tools like Plasmic. I can help evaluate and integrate Plasmic for rapid UI iteration in your B2B SAAS app.

Let’s discuss your needs and create a tailored proposal.

EM: jack(at)technogiq(dot)com
Skype: live:.cid.a0f06a69cf1c6478

Looking forward to hearing from you.


I do like the idea of moving incrementally. I think I would need someone to jump start us though. I’d love to hear from someone who could help us understand this better, determine what a plan might be to move us in this direction and possibly get started on it. Preference is US based resources.