Is the REST API Data Fetcher working?

Any ideas if the HTTP Data Fetcher is working? seems to be broken and not sure Plasmic is useful without any dyanmic data

Hey @middle_tiger! Can you point me to your project URL or share a screen recording with the issue?

Which HTTP Data Fetcher are you referring to?

hi @tiago
I added the HTTP Data fetcher and this is what I get with data, the default github HTTP endpoints does return data which I have verified using curl

as far as I know, there is only one HTTP Data Fetcher. Is there more?


Hey @middle_tiger! The data is available only inside the children slot.

@samuel Thanks Samuel, will try that. I can now see some data, just need to figure out how to map it to see some rows myself

@samuel I can now see the data but no idea how to add the add the dynamic text. In fact the UI options looks different now to your videos ?

@samuel Ok found the dynamic option, didn’t realise right click works on the studio. Awesome tool, thank you