Is there a way to specify a custom Link Component?

Hi there. I tried to specify a custom Link component so that I can make use of client-side navigation. I’m using wouter (minimal router library) together with @plasmicapp/loader-react. I’ve checked the nextjs-loader implementation, and there it seemed like I could specify a Link component inside the PlasmicRootProvider, like:

import { PlasmicRootProvider } from "@plasmicapp/loader-react";
import { Link } from "wouter";

const CustomLink = (props) => {
   console.log("rendering custom link");
   return <Link {...props} />;

export function CatchAllPage({ PLASMIC }) {
   // ...
   return (
      <PlasmicRootProvider loader={PLASMIC} pageParams={pageMeta.params} Link={CustomLink}>
         <PlasmicComponent component={path} />

But it won’t pick up this Link component, neither when converting text to link or using a Link component from the component picker. What am I missing?

We’ve identified the issue and a fix should be made today or tomorrow. Thank you for reporting it.

It should be fixed now.