Is there any syncing functionality in the Plasmic Figma importer?

Hello everyone, the figma import documentation goes into details about the likitations snd best practice preparations for smooth imports. No word on what happens after the first import. Is there an option for syncing functionality?

Hi @designer_minnow, there’s a section on that doc page on the component mapping behavior when you already have existing corresponding components defined in plasmic

Hi @yang , do you mean thisor was there something else that I missed?

“This also unlocks a powerful continuous re-importing workflow. Say you started with an empty Plasmic project, and then you imported some screens from your Figma design. Upon doing so, within Plasmic, you also converted various parts of that flattened design into components. Now, importing more pages from the Figma design or importing updated page layouts will result in the right component instances being used throughout”

Was hoping for more details. For example what happens when the imported file artbowrd is edited on plasmic, then updated on figma (with another update, then re-imported.

Also was curious about the Firestore ETA since it says it’s coming soon and is where most of my data is stored!

Thanks for your help

Hi @designer_minnow, did you figure this out? I am not entirely sure what you mean, but the component mapping is the main support for incremental re-imports, or let me know if you can describe what you’re specifically expecting. Outside of that, it’s copy/paste, there’s nothing else magical that we try to do (deliberately).

We’re shooting for Firestore in the coming quarter.

Ok thanks @yang appreciate your clarification on this!