Issue rendering responsive breakpoints

Hey gents!

We’re experiencing an issue with rendering Responsive Breakpoints.

• Project: 58CNSVogj92RP9LTu21UrC
• Front End URL:
• Breakpoint: Mobile
◦ Current Behavior: Sometimes on load, or on page refresh, the Desktop Breakpoint renders momentarily (<1s) (See attached image)
◦ Desired Behavior: Only show the appropriate Breakpoint (attached image)

Hi! I notice that you’re setting NavHamburger to “Not rendered” for the mobile variant. “Not rendered” is applied by js (it literally doesn’t render that element), and so you see this flash where first the default base variant is rendered, and then after hydration, the mobile variant is rendered.

You can instead set it to “Not visible”, which is applied by css, which will immediately kick into effect before hydration is done.

You’ll want to do the same thing for things that you want hidden in Mobile but shown in desktop

Worked! Thanks for your continued support!

Great! Here’s some more info on setting visibility: