Issue with bundle size and undefined properties error on yarn build

Issue with Bundle Size and ‘Cannot read properties of undefined’ on Yarn Build


  • Plasmic
  • Platform: [React/Next.js/Other]
  • Build Tool: Yarn

I’m facing two issues while running yarn build in my Plasmic project:

  1. Bundle Size Warning:

    • The build process generates a warning about the bundle size being significantly larger than recommended. I’ve reviewed the documentation on code splitting ( but would appreciate guidance on how to effectively implement code splitting in a Plasmic project.
  2. ‘Cannot read properties of undefined’ Error:

    • Additionally, I’m encountering an error related to “Cannot read properties of undefined (reading ‘output’)” during the build process. This is causing the build to fail with exit code 1.

Steps to Reproduce:

  • [Provide steps or commands you are using to trigger the build]

Hi @meaningful_sailfish, could you share more details on this issue? Are you using loader? Can you reproduce this issue from a plain create-plasmic-app project?

I have forked the plasmic open-source code and after running all the code I am getting this issue while running build script. i.e
when running this script cd platfrom/wab yarn dev i a getting this above error