Issue with "Repeat Element" in Antd5 Tabs Not Working

I think I have a trouble with Antd5 and tabs when I use “Repeat element”.
Below their are screens of a simple test project.

In the first, I create two tabs, one with repeat element and the other not. But when I preview my page (second screenshot), only tabs with no repeat element seems to work. Do you ever had this type of things ? Maybe I don’t use correctly the component


Hi, as you are doing a repetition, each tab is having the same tab key in your test project, this makes the behavior of the tabs not controlled and can lead to this weird scenarios, you should make it work by using a dynamic value to indicate the key of each tab.

Hi @fmota, I changed the tab key to use currentIndex dynamic value but I have the same issue

Yes, I see, it works in interactive mode, but it doesn’t work on live preview, we will investigate it

Thank you :pray:
If I can help you, don’t hesitate to ping me

Thank you for reporting. This should now be fixed!