Issues with component substitution with Plasmic's builtin Select and TextInput components

Not urgent but a good topic to bring up IMO:

I’ve run into some issues doing component substitution with Plasmic’s built-in Select and InputField components. Namely

(1) componentProps overrides work at the top level only, as opposed to targeting named elements like input or root as per the docs.
(2) these componentProps overrides will only override the form element (<input> or <select> `, preventing you from doing much with the rest of the component.

I’ve found that I’m unable to do something like say, integrate with react-hook-form without creating a new Studio component entirely and overriding it with a code component.

Is this a known limitation? If so it’d be good to have this mentioned in the docs - otherwise if there’s a better way I’d love to know about it.

hmm do you need to override the form element? could you work with the top-level props for Select + react-hook-form’s Controller?