Issues with Page Combinations, Element Visibility, and Scroll Parallax Behavior

I’m confused by some behaviors that I’m seeing today with Page Combinations:

  1. The art board grows on the combination, but not on the original (100vh) is used for the hero
  2. I deleted the combination, but it’s still rendering

Screenshot 2024-02-09 at 9.55.48 AM.png

For the past few days I’ve noticed that when I change the visibility of an element, and use the preview function, the eye icons still show in preview (see attached gif)

For some reason, the Scroll Parallax Custom behavior isn’t working on a specific page. I just pasted these elements from another page, where they were working well (see attached gif).

I even created a new Scroll Parallax Behavior, and nested the image under it, and it didn’t solve it.

@parliamentary_trout. Can you DM me the project ID please?