Issues with self-hosted Plasmic displaying blank screen

Is there anybody else who has self hosted plasmic and is able to work on any project (don’t see blank white screen) ?

can you provide a screenshare of what you’re noticing? I’m not self hosting but I might be able to notice something

It happens for me sometimes and removing all local/session/cache data helps
Can anyone look at this issue, I have created it on GitHub with screenshots and my investigation


Can you also show your console.log for this issue?

Sure @icaro just give me 5 mins

@icaro here it is , also added on GitHub issue


How are you running the application? Is this localhost?

@icaro, No it’s my own server with proper url with https

Can you try changing the homepage in platform/wab/package.json for you specific server?

@icaro Yes, I have already did that but doesn’t work

Does it work fine when running on localhost?

@icaro yes, first I tried running it on localhost, it was fine then.

@icaro, just to make clear, I am serving the build using nginx and my “yarn backend” is running on port localhost:3004.
I have proxied any request on /api to localhost:3004

Can you check the network tab too to see if there is any failed requests

@icaro yes,
That was one of the first things :joy:, all is fine in there no error or failed request.

We will be investigating the issue. We haven’t really tested the open-source for “production” builds, only local development

Thankyou @icaro,
Is there any day you want me to check on this again ?

We will ping here or the github issue if we find out anything

@icaro sure,
Have a nice day :+1: