It's complex to make all Ant components draggable

I see it is quite complicated to make all Ant Design UI components draggable. There should be a good way to do it without pain.

Hi @disappointed_gecko,
There is an alternative way. i.e using shortcut key Q to insert element into the hierarchy.

  1. You can select an element from the left hierarchy where you want to put the AntD Component
  2. Hit Q and search by name of the component e.g AntD Button
  3. Hit Enter, it will add the AntD Button in selected element.
    This will help speed up the flow once you get used to it.


@zonal_mammal Thanks, but this is not what I mean. I want to use other components like Message, Modal, Form, Tooltip, Drawer. In the past, I thought Plasmic can make them all draggable. Now I realize this is too complicated.

Ah Got it.

Here are the reasons.

  1. Nested components are difficult to build.
  2. Some pros are json format or fuctions.

I just want to know if they have solved this problem or what they are going to do with it.

It’s absolutely possible. Plasmic team can better leave an update on it.

We can even register those components by ourselves using Code Components feature. However, as you mentioned it’s a bit complicated to standardize those code components and expose the right props for each component.

Can code component pass custom functions or json data as props?

What about trigger another custom component? like showing a modal or message after clicking a button.

Yes they can expose json objects as props which are then available in Plasmic Studio.

You can find more details on the following page.

Triggering another custom component is also possible. Anything that’s possible in React is possible in Code Components.

It looks good but I have to register so many component then use them. I also feel weird to register a component in order to pass props by filling the text input field.

I agree that certain flows are quite complex but they are meant to be utilized by developers to provide built-in components for designers to use them. That’s where the spectrum of low-code and no-code comes in. IMO, this approach is flexible enough to register any kind of component in Studio.

Also, Plasmic team is gradually improving these interactions and workflows. We have seen great improvements in every new release. One example is the Component Store that we have now. It abstract away all the registration code and simplifies the whole process.

Component Store have limited components as of now and we hope to have a dozens of them. It will take some time.

I guess code component is the only option.