JSON requests containing plasmic data

:wave: morning y’all!

I’m seeing these json file requests containing plasmic data in my Next.js/Plasmic site. Are these for making sure the page has the latest data? Or can they be suppressed somehow? (I’m trying to remove extra requests and improve page load time)

Hmm I think these are controlled by next and not by Plasmic. It could be that Next is pre-fetching data for some links on the page, for instantaneous navigation?

Ahh right. I think preloading is enabled by default.

@chungwu in next/link there’s a way to suppress prefetch by passing prefetch={false}. Is there a way to pass this prop to PlasmicLink ? Or would I need a whole new code component?

no built-in way to do this today :pensive: The pre-fetches should be done at low priority and after the page has already loaded / rendered though… :thinking_face:

:+1: k it’s probably no big deal. I have bigger fish to fry on that page.