Lack of Plasmic app executable on machine

Why don’t we have an executable Plasmic app on our machine? What would be the pros x cons?

• their business is SaaS
• cracking desktop apps is easy (i.e. who’s ever paid for photoshop?)
• Helps ensure everyone is up to date on the same version. Updates can be rolled out globally and quickly. better for support
• packaging software for every operating system is a certain kind of hell
I can’t think of any

Not sure what you are looking for exactly, but I’ve found it convenient to use plasmic as an “app” using a Chrome wrapper

Figma is SaaS and has a desktop app. There are huge benefits for paying customers. They could offload some of the processing to the user saving money of server costs. Things could be more closely and rapidly integrated with your local development tools. They could improve the code-component development cycle with access to the local file system. Im sure there’s a whole bunch else.

Cracking it wouldn’t matter since the app would most likely still get your projects from their servers and save them to the cloud. Without a proper login you would get access to your projects in the cloud.

A lot of desktop apps are electron anyway. So it’s like a browser but with local dev super powers. I’ve built electron apps and the benefits a real.

Good points @empirical_toucan

That’s a great point, so basically, in the future, we could have something about that since we could use that offline there are some other benefits that we could achieve when using the desktop apps.
As I said, for while Plasmic team has been doing an amazing job, just keep doing the flexibility. For sure i would be happy to pay for that in the future.

good ideas @empirical_toucan I like the idea of hybrid components in the local filesystem