Laggy and jittery page experience on mobile.

Hi! We’ve finally pushed our initial version of our Plasmic project. Though, we’ve got a small issue: the page is very laggy and jitters. Certain elements flicker when scrolling up/down the page on mobile. Is there any way for us to pinpoint the cause of these issues and fix them ASAP? We have also looked the documentation provided by Plasmic for optimal performance, which didn’t result in any additional performance (we’re already using SSG with Next.js).


Any help is greatly appreciated!

Safari also has extremely bad performance:

PSS: our project can be found here (for the Plasmic Team):

After further testing, remove the gradients improves the performance quite a bit, but still seems to have some issues on older devices (especially below the “hear from our customers” section.) @yang - any ideas that could help us :slightly_smiling_face:?

It looks like some of the background effects, like shadows and gradients, are being rendered as heavy svgs. They can probably be much more efficient as images.

Looks like that def. helped a lot. We converted the svgs to webp and are now getting much better performance. Thanks!