Launching localization framework integration

Hello <!channel> We are happy to announce that we’ve just launched localization framework integration in Plasmic! :tada:

very cool stuff. thanks guys. we will be using new system soon

Amazing, we’ll be here to support you when you integrate, if the need be of-course

Very exciting to hear! Localization has been quite a struggle so far. Thank you for your efforts @chungwu @yang @ray

That’s great news. Thank you!

Is there a way to customize the key for the translation message different from it’s own content? I wish it was possible to use the name of the node

we use to have a concern about that too @theoretical_pig… but realized we could use whatever we need as key text… and replace the default language in your translation platform.

most of the time the key language is fine… but with longer passages we just use IDs as key text.

Sorry, I missed this last message… only way is to have the key/ID of translation as the content on plasmic then changing it on the localization platform. Am I getting this right?

It’s not possible at the moment. It’s not quite as simple as using the name of the node because the text content can change by variant (or even combination of variants). We’re still thinking about a good way to associate keys to all the pieces of text you might have :thinking_face:

Some folks do prefer to maintain a separate set of IDs that represent each node. I’ve worked on projects that do this and projects that use the default language as key for most cases. The best approach probably depends on your content.