Links causing hard refresh in Next.js

Anybody having issues with links causing a hard refresh in Next? I just did a test with a Next/Link beneath a plasmic component with Link. The Next one works as intended and the Plasmic one doesn’t

"@plasmicapp/loader-nextjs": "^1.0.203",

I registered my own Next/Link component as a test, and same behavior

@efficient_pelican Are you also seeing this in a fresh create-plasmic-app?

so here’s what I think is going on…

I have a global layout - that i’m bouncing my to. On each page change, i’m seeing that any layout components are doing a hard re-render (framer-motion re-animates, even with once:true

I added memo(Navigation) and voila - it stops.

I’m assuming that every navigation change is repopulating layout components with new props even though they’re the same on every page. is memo the right solution here or is it just a bandaid?