Links to external URLs not working

hey team, we’re getting odd behavior with some basic links. When the destination is an external https url, they simply don’t work.

Is there any known limitation around this?

Update: I’ve narrowed it down to a JS onclick event that is applied to the body. Removing it in the Chrome debugger enables the links to work properly.

We also had issues with external links. We created a custom component to handle it correctly for nextjs.

Interesting. @very_crab was it a code component? Currently this project is only in Plasmic Studio (no parallel codebase yet)

Hm, those are waters i havent swam in yet. Hopefully the team can assist

oh! yeah this only happens in preview mode… just to avoid people accidentally leaving the studio. The actual production site should work fine?

We’re blocked on deploying to prod currently since only the owner can do that, and he’s out currently :slightly_smiling_face: But this is ok for now, thanks!