Loading Plasmic project is hanging

I edited a component today changing the name of a prop. Now loading the page hangs and if I click anywhere the page is generated. The component now has both props in it. Some days ago I had a box showing which prop was removed and which was added. Is this a problem on my side or plasmic?

Hi @sociable_aphid! Can you share your project ID? What do you mean by “if I click anywhere the page is generated”? Is that in studio or in the generated page?

I’m not allowed to share the project ID, sorry. There’s also a huge app behind it.
I’m stuck in the loading screen since the morning of today. If I click anywhere on the screen the page is rendered and ok. But not the components I have programmed in NextJS.

I just did a reload without the cache and it worked fine now. Seems like the problem described here: https://app.slack.com/client/T0128PVP932/C013DHGMJTA