Locales as routes?

Hello, I’m using Next (pages) and Plasmic. I’m trying to have a country-chooser Next landing page at “/” with a Plasmic homepage at “/en-gb”, “/fr-fr”, etc. Unfortunately, when I add the locales to my Next config, Plasmic seems to ignore them as navigable routes. So although I have the routes set up in Plasmic and can navigate to them when locales aren’t defined in Next, after I add the locales to Next config, when I click the links on the country selector page the locale gets added to the route but I just stay on the country selector page.

Creating the country selector links like <Link role='link' href='/nl-be' locale={false}> makes no difference. Is there a way around this? At the moment I’m not looking for a full localization solution, I’m just trying to sort out the Plasmic homepage routes while keep sitewide route internationalization/locales.

Thanks for your help.

Is this just not possible?

Hi @jenene, welcome to the forum, and sorry no one has responded so far!

I think based on the way Next.js i18n works, when you go to a page like “/en-gb”, Next.js will treat the path as “/” instead. That’s why you’re still seeing the country selector page when clicking a link. If you disable Next.js i18n, your locale-specific pages should work properly.

Alternatively, you could also try using variants to make locale-specific content.

Thank you for your help! I’ll give variants a try.