Long response time navigating between pages

Hey guys, the response time seems to have an additional 1000ms+ minimum when going between pages.
In network, it shows as GET request with TTFB of 1.44 seconds. Thats not really usable… Is this normal?

Here’s the link: https://pacific.app.leagent.com/neighbourhoods

That does seem really long for the initial html… is this page being server-rendered or is it statically generated?

iv had this on my site in the past

@chungwu its server rendered! We’re trying to scale and have plasmic to be an editable site for all websites. I wonder if it’s a unique bug or something we’re doing that can be improved.
@direct_boa How was it solved? (If you don’t mind)

Switched to code generation

yeah, I just tried it and every button and page is super slow. just a suggestion but this site could easily be deployed as 100% static. if you do, it will be much faster.

You should instrument your ssr to see what’s slow; and make sure when you fetch from Plasmic, you’re not using preview: true in your initPlasmicLoader call.

Also, consider static incremental regeneration - it will still generate and and update pages without a rebuild on the fly, but caches the previously generated version in the meantime. https://nextjs.org/docs/basic-features/data-fetching/incremental-static-regeneration

Thats amazing guys, thank you so much for your help! I’ve sent the instructions to the team.
Thank you! :raised_hands: