Looking for a No-code/Low-code ERP Solution Compatible with Plasmic

Hello everyone!
I know that this is not a Plasmic specific question but it came up while building with Plasmic.

I need a system to store all my companies data. Some sort of ERP solution. I have costumer specific data, order data, product data, I’m buying products …
I spent two days trying to find a fitting solution but didn’t find a proper solution for me.
Sadly I’m no code / low code only. Also I want to use it with Plasmic.

I thought there might be someone here that could help me out with some advice.

Thanks in advance!

Airtable might be the speed you’re looking for but Supabase is my overall recommendation

How did I miss supabase? Also I just stumbled across pocketbase :slight_smile:
Thanks! I’ll look into it tomorrow

I also think Supabase could work out, it’s not as simple Airtable, but you should be able to achieve everything that you want

Xano is very powerful but also simple to use

Adding Xata.io here as an option (it’s like if Airtable and Supabase had a baby)

o0o. xata.io looks wicked cool; thanks for sharing @fulfilled_fish!