Lost work after clicking delete button.

Hey, I was invited to a new Plasmic Projekt and got this window aswell. Unfortunately I’ve clicked the delete button some times. Now like the half of work is gone. Is there a way to roleback to a previous version?

Hi, you should be able to roll back to a previous saved version, by going to the corresponding left sidebar tab. Please let me know if that helps for you.

Hey thank you for your anwser. But unfortunately we cannot roleback thisway because there are no saved Versions. We have a working codebase. Is there a way to upload that codebase to plasmic once again?

We can try to roll it back for you, not sure if the revisions are still there but we can take a look, is there a specific time stamp that would be good to restore? Ideally in UTC time

Thanks, the time would be like 6:00 am on 6th of September

What additional info do you need?

What is the project ID?

Here is the project link: