Make Plasmic more approachable to no-code community by hiding advanced code integrations

You guys are killing it. I’ve been pushing Plasmic to every tech lead or agency I’ve worked with. Definitely deserves a lot more recognition. A thought I had is that I think there could be more traction from the no-code community if you made a “designer mode” interface that operated more like Webflow out of the box, with some of the more technical things simplified, similar to how you publish on Webflow (using safe defaults behind the scenes). Effectively, it would present as a direct competitor to Webflow to designers, but actually has batteries included behind the scenes if you want/need em. Then when you get more technical people on your team, you switch the interface to “Advanced” mode that contains all the advanced publishing tools (git, next.js, etc). That way you could get in the door with designers at start ups and other agencies. And as they scale, the tools are there for their development teams to unlock advanced features.

Greatly appreciate the suggestions here as well as your ongoing advocacy of Plasmic, @empirical_toucan!