Material UI code components

How do i use the material ui component

This is a good starting point:

Been doing some research into Plasmic, it’s an amazing looking platform!

But if anyone here is looking for an OOBE with Material UI “drag and drop” UI building, Plasmic requires specifically “registering” every single MUI component you plan to use:

It’s definitely a hassle to register an entire component library. In the future we hope to re-examine what is possible here.

How are you meant to know what props, variants the lot to use for plasmic with custom components like material ui?

You specify props (variants aren’t relevant here), and you only need to specify the props that make sense for the design tool to tweak. Things like event handler props (onClick etc.) and dynamic state aren’t usually specified in Plasmic but in normal code.

The MUI docs list what props are available, or else you can also find these in the Typescript interfaces.

BTW, can I ask more about your use case / what you’re looking to build?

I’m also looking for a way to use MUI and Plasmic without having to register all components (which would make it unfeasible).

I thought there might be some importer that could interpret the MUI code and register the components automatically. Or maybe someone had already done this work and could share :slight_smile:

Just started playing with Plasmic, it’s looking great and really fills a need that’s been empty in this space.

Has there been any updates or movements on this?