Maximum call stack size exceeded.

Hi all, I’m getting this error when building my Plasmic site in Vercel:PLASMIC: Encountered error when pre-rendering PlasmicContact: RangeError: Maximum call stack size exceeded

Any idea what’s going on?

Hey @abounding_primate! Thank you for reporting it.
I’m investigating this error

@samuel thank you! I wonder if it’s breaking since adding a Script tag in the [[…catchall]].tsx. I hadn’t touched the code before and now it’s breaking :upside_down_face:

It seems to break only from the Contact page. I can’t even view my contact page in Plasmic CMS anymore. Still saying: “Error in Contact: Maximum call stack size exceeded”

After more digging, I found that its related to my contact form where I am linking my fields to state… has there been an update to the docs about how state works in Plasmic?

I had the same problem caused by setting the value of an input to its own value. I think they’re uploading a fix soon but unsetting the input value should work

Sorry! We discussed in private and the root cause was similar to yours

Leaving a public message to assist other users:
The problem was caused by certain incorrect usages of interactions and states initialization, resulting in an infinite loop. We’re working on improving our error messages to facilitate faster identification of possible bugs in code expressions inside plasmic

Thank you all for the support! It’s working fine now, and I recommend updating the state value to the Interactions “Onchange”