Memory leak in the latest versions of loader-nextjs

Hello all,

I’ve upgraded to the latest plasmic loader for nextjs along with other packages in our stack. Started noticing a memory leak on our servers afterwards.
When left alone, this accumulated to usages of upwards of 2gigs in ram before crashing the server 8 hours after moving to our test env. Took a while to pinpoint the issue.

After reverting all the packages and upgrading them one by one. We’ve pinpointed the issue is on: "@plasmicapp/loader-nextjs": "1.0.224"
We’ve downgraded to "@plasmicapp/loader-nextjs": "1.0.214" which appears to be stable and does not have the leak.

Any one else had the same?

Hi Oz, thanks for the report. I’ll look into this.

If it helps, we run our software in a Docker container
FROM node:18.12.1-alpine3.15

Hey Oz, I was able to verify and reproduce this issue on my end. I believe it’s a caching issue and will try to resolve it by EOD.

Update: We’re testing out a fix, will update here once we roll it out.

Hi @very_crab, I believe we’ve fixed this issue now. Can you give it another try?

Running it on the test env today. Keep you posted

Works indeed on our end too!

Awesome to hear. Thanks for bearing with us!