Metadata issue Dynamic Pages

Hi there!
I have an issue so that when previewing a link from a dynamic page, the metadata(title, image, etc.) won’t be pulled off…Do you know why?
I have the ‘metadata component’ configured and it’s working for displaying the page title(when viewing the actual page) but not sure why google won’t recognise it when previewing the link. Thanks!

Hey @ionut_andrei-popescu, welcome to the community.

I checked out that web page and the HTML seems to be missing the required metadata. Can you make sure to follow Overriding page head metadata from code | Learn Plasmic?

Ok but isn’t the ‘Page Metadata Override’ component supposed to do that? Since I get the metadata from the CMS and it needs to be dynamic. How is this working? The above article doesn’t seem to help at all since I don’t know how to manipulate the page html as described

Ah sorry about that, I misread your original post. Can you copy your code that loads the Plasmic components? Please include the code with PlasmicRootProvider.

Not sure I follow. I don’t have any code attached as I mostly use prebuilt components and some JS formulas&queries that I define inside your editor. But I did configure the ‘Page Metadata Override’ component.

Hmm to help you with this, we will need access to the code that actually hosts your website, since it relates to the Page Metadata Override. Do you have access to the code that hosts the website?

Nope, no access. I only have access in the actual interface. So the Page Metadata Override component won’t set the metadata server side but rather client side? And that’s why google won’t recognise it?

It shouldn’t matter whether the metadata is set on the server or client.

Sorry I can’t help without access to your website’s code. Maybe you could link your developers to this topic.