Migrate Webflow website to Next.js with Plasmic

Hi folks,

We’re planning to migrate our Webflow website to Next.js and are using Plasmic as the visual builder - we’ll be importing our pages from Figma and use components to deliver the dynamic pieces.

Our migration deadline is 7th June and the requirements are:
• ~20 Plasmic components (Slider, dynamic fetch from API, Table of Contents, Nav bar, sticky menu etc.) You can find the demo for this on our website: https://getmoda.io
• Implement filters for CMS data, pagination, global search, dynamic pages, load more functionality for CMS items etc. Again, I can walk you through all of this on our current website.
Can you support these requirements? If so, I’d love to have a chat to get an idea on the feasibility, time, and your quote for this. Please DM.


Hello @ethical_swift

yes let me know I am here for your help.

Let me know when we can discuss