Missing features from builder preview after publishing.

hey there, i am missing features from the builder preview once i publish the website some elements are missing.

Hi @nutritious_jay, can you share any details? Which Plasmic project URL and what’s the live URL? Which elements are missing?

okay so basically i have a grid of images. i also have a hidden sticky image in the middle of the screen.
When i click any image in the grid it’s displayed bigger on the sticky image which becomes visible and changes the source image to the one you click.
Everything works great in the builder.
When i publish the website. The sticky image isn’t even there in the HTML inspector.

I tried to make the sticky image visible by default and republish. Even then it’s not in the F12 inspector.

i have 3 elements in the page :
The Side menu for navigation
The Image Grid
The sticky fullscreen image

here’s the “work in progress” published website :

also here’s the shared view of the project

You’re right, this does look like a bug - the image element should be getting conditionally rendered, but in the deployed code that conditional rendering isn’t working. Thanks for reporting it, we’re digging…

Hi @nutritious_jay! Sorry for the delay here, but we figured out this issue, though I think I see that you have also figured out how to avoid it in your site!