Missing login/logout Action on button

I’m watching the video for “user logins and permissions in Plasmic” and in the video it shows that an onClick interaction from a button has an Action to Login or Logout; when I add a button to my project, I’m not seeing that. Did this feature move, change or go away?

Nevermind! I see din the Overview Auth section that it was because I was using a custom Auth provider.

I have to say; every time I see something that might be a bug, it ends up that it is just a really cool feature in Plasmic and the extra that you get for using it.

It does make me curious that if it is in Plasmic’s future to seamlessly add in custom Auth (cough cough Supabase) in a similiar way that you can add in a custom data provider. My journey to find Plasmic was because I had originally found out about remix.dev as a way to create a website for my Airtable data and then from there I found out about Supabase as an Auth provider. But now that I’m learning so much about Plasmic, I’m seeing there is less and less need for remix for my use case.

Yeah, right now we have Plasmic auth, a pretty restricted experience we completely own, and custom auth, a very wide-open experience that we don’t own at all except for a few integration points. We may have something in between eventually…