Modifying plasmic-nav

any one please help me for this issue?
• As I am working on to modify plasmic-nav pakage
• I use plasmic-nav tample and sync it to my local, all the plasmic chages I got into my local by using sync comman, but is it posible to update my local change on plasmic studio?

is that possible to apply any custom click event into this plasmic default header component?

Yes! You can use code-components to achieve such behavior. Please let me know if this helps

Yes I was already setup code components with my plasmic, but I want to update this template component from my local,
Do I need to update ay command to apply local change on plasmic?

like for get plasmic change I call plasmic sync or plasmic watch, so what’s for update local changes update on plasmic?

please see the attach images to get more idea about my question and issue.

I want to apply click event on default plasmic-nav (click event for apply custom css on mobile nav bar)
so is that possible to apply it in componet code?

is that work with React basic code method or I need to only follow plasmic way to apply it?

Ah, I see! We don’t have a command for this. The only way to render your local code in the studio is through code-components.
But I think you can make what you want in two different ways:

  1. You can import our package @plasmicpkgs/plasmic-nav. (this package export the Navigation Bar). Then you create a wrapper component with the extra logic and styles. and register it as code component.
  2. You can extend our navigation bar code-component: You can make the changes you want, and register as a normal code-component.

Ok Thank you, let me try this

as I see is in a tsx and my project setup is in jsx so is this package work in my project or I need to move on typescript tsx to setup new code-component?

Oh! Sorry about that. You will need to transform our code to jsx.