Module not found in a fresh repo with a code component

Module not found: Empty dependency (no request)
  34 |   ensureGlobalVariants
  35 | } from "@plasmicapp/react-web";
> 36 | import { CompZFk02D9M0W } from ""; // plasmic-import: ZFk02D9m0w/codeComponent
  37 | import { Menu } from "antd"; // plasmic-import: N2zrd7IS24/codeComponent
  38 | import { ComprSj5HNAEg } from ""; // plasmic-import: rSj5h_nAEg/codeComponent
  39 | import NavBarCart from "../../NavBarCart"; // plasmic-import: 94vkqQyYop/component

Import trace for requested module:

I’m running into this error on a fresh repo bootstrapped with create plasmic-app

Not sure what the issue is since . I haven’t even touched any of the generated code or modified the default settings

When you register a code component, be sure to include the importPath

(see the error line, where it’s trying to import a code component from “” because it doesn’t know the import path)

oh i see, import paths are not required for loader registered components so I didn’t run into this earlier

thanks, will update and provide feedback