Module not found: react-awesome-reveal

Module not found: Can't resolve '@plasmicpkgs/react-awesome-reveal'
  18 |   ensureGlobalVariants
  19 | } from "@plasmicapp/react-web";
> 20 | import { Reveal } from "@plasmicpkgs/react-awesome-reveal"; // plasmic-import: R6s1FdhksG/codeComponent
  21 | import Button from "../../Button"; // plasmic-import: dbbzttGJ-RD/component
  22 | import { useScreenVariants as useScreenVariantsnfm2XyU9MOf } from "./PlasmicGlobalVariant__Screen"; // plasmic-import: nfm2XyU9mOF-/globalVariant
  23 | import "@plasmicapp/react-web/lib/plasmic.css";

Import trace for requested module:


Help needed! How do I fix this?

Hi Jesper, are you using @plasmicapp/loader ? it’s a deprecated package, you should use @plasmicapp/loader-nextjs, @plasmicapp/loader-gatsby or @plasmicapp/loader-react . You can read about it in

I have no idea, how do I now that? I just started using plasmicloader :slightly_smiling_face: And I’m learning dev as I go along here, so much is very confusing… :see_no_evil:

You can look into your package.json file

So, things got a lot clearer, thank you! I still getting Module not Found from that awesome reveal tho… think Im just gonna skip that for now and try getting things up and running, have not been able to run anything locally yet, been at this for quite some time now >D

Can I ask how you got started with a codebase running the (deprecated) @plasmicapp/loader package? Would love to plug those holes!

@yang I might have had an older version lying around. I got help from a developer (I’m not), think he just cleared all previous installs of node modules and then created plasmic app it again.
Wasn’t present to see exactly what he did :man-shrugging::skin-tone-3: