Module not found: "@swc/helpers/_/_class_private_

Hi all, I’m seeing the following error when compiling my website:

error - ./node_modules/@internationalized/date/dist/import.mjs:1:0
*Module not found*: Can't resolve '@swc/helpers/_/_class_private_field_init'

Import trace for requested module:


It’s probably a dependency error, but I cannot find the cause. The issue started after the Plasmic update yesterday, so I suspect it’s related. Does anyone know how to solve it?

hmm next has had some issues recently with finding @swc/helpers… could you try upgrading your next version?

I was trying next v13.3.0, but this did not solve it. Which version should I use?

Could you dm me the project id and I’ll take a look… Are you using codegen?

Yes, I’m using codegen. Sending you the project ID.