Moving support from Slack to this forum

Our Slack community has been growing a lot recently—we’re now at over 3000 users! With the growing number of users, we’ve been having some trouble managing support in channels like #help and #issues and want to increase the quality of our support.

To solve this, we are moving official support and help channels this forum. We have also rolled out new priority support for organizations on the Pro plan or higher.

Besides being easier to manage for the Plasmic team, you can easily search for previously asked questions and discussions from forum search or from Google. You can login to the forum seamlessly with your Plasmic account, so you won’t need to register another account.

Note the Slack community is still here to stay. You can still ask questions in #help and chat in other channels, but the Plasmic team won’t be prioritizing replies here. We will still use the Slack community for real-time communications such as live chat/video support.

Thank you, and looking forward to helping you build on Plasmic!

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