Multi-select, watch mode, ungroup, and more!

<!channel> We’ve got a grab-bag of new Studio features and tools:

:three_button_mouse:Multi-select - build faster than ever before!
:eyes:Watch mode - more easily discuss and present designs
:card_file_box:Ungroup - restructure your designs more easily

And more! Check out the latest:

And let us know your feedback :raised_hands:

That is great, but waiting for Chakra design system in Plasmic:slightly_smiling_face:

I was just asking for Multi-select the other day - cool.

On a side note. I think the screencast quality needs improving.

OMG Finally there’s multi select!!! :scream_cat: I was playing Plasmic and suddenly I was a able to select multiple layers then I came here saw this news

Guys, I have two suggestions:

  1. Shouldn’t the ⌘ key be used to add/remove selection instead? and the ⇧ key for range select? (currently the ⇧ is doing the ⌘ thing, and no range select behavior to be found)
  2. The properties panel can display common properties amongst current selections, and a mixed on mixed value fields

Multi select is greet. and next should copy elements from another project is more good.