Native support for lists

List support: it would be great if we could see native support for lists (in addition to text elements). I feel it would also be essential to support list-style with custom images.
Until/if this happens, does anyone has any clever workaround extensive list usage?

The typical pathway is to create a List item component and instantiate it in your list. That way you get to style each. Here is an example tutorial where we implement TodoMVC

Can you describe in a little more detail what you’re looking to build?

I’m reworking our company website ( and there are bits of content where lists are dominating.
So far, moving text content from graphic design to Plasmic is a breeze. Simple C-c/C-v, adding some styling and that’s it.
For list I find it too be a great hustle.

The list item component method is a good solution but only for a local appliance. What happens if I want to use list in a different place having various text styling?

Using component in such way for lists wouldn’t be so aria-friendly. At least not as much as classic ul/ol/li elements requiring no additional HTML labels.

I think that lists are concepts that require core support in such a great and forward-thinking UI tool like Plasmic!