Need "completed" version of examples.

What would be best for these examples is to have a “completed” version for each. THis way if I get stuck I can “cheat” without the anxiety of moving to the next stage feeling that I’m moving on while missing something

Hi Nick, I didn’t quite follow your suggestion, is your intention to be able to mark a level as completed or not so that you can return to the unfinished ones later ?

I believe what he’s suggesting is to be able to consult the solution to each. Like when you work on a crossword puzzle and you can consult the solved version (usually located at the end of book/magazine/newspaper) to see if you’re correct or simply to cheat :slightly_smiling_face:.

“to be able to consult the solution to each.” Yes, so I can check my work. Example: if you’ve ever used CodeAcademy, you can see the solution for each lesson segment. It’s especially important when I get stuck and perhaps the instruction was missing something nuanced. The solution would let me spot that and make the instructions less “brittle” if you get what I mean. You’d be able to change the UI a bit more and the instructions would be a little more forgiving in the sense that people would be able to discover the solutions on their own without you needing to remember exactly where to update the levels tutorial verbiage.