Need for color-coded notification system for task updates

I too would like to do this;
:large_green_circle: is this something that can be done now, I just don’t know
:large_yellow_circle: not something that can currently be done, but is on the roadmap for the future
:red_circle: intentional that it can’t be done due to business, technical, or other sensible reasons

I answered there, it is already possible to do it now, not in the more straightforward way, we also have some improvements planned

ahhh! amazing :slightly_smiling_face: I had thought I tried that but maybe messed up the procedure; this is such an amazing feature :slightly_smiling_face:

oh, maybe I thought that didn’t work because it doesn’t work with the Ant Design system

Yes, it doesn’t work for hostless because they are a special kind of imported project

I’m getting an “invariant failed” error when I try to remove an imported project

It may take a while to be fixed, but we will be looking into it

ok, thanks

just coming back here since I ran into the issue again today; curious if there is any kind of work around

Yeah, in some cases we don’t allow you to remove the dependency, state being used is one of the cases

gotcha; and i’m assuming it wouldn’t be possible to make a version of the component w/o the state being used once it is imported or to only import the components that aren’t using state? Or automatically import it w/o the state…

Just thinking of having a better experience of getting that copy/paste work around for the component

I think it should be possible, but it requires some handling of the state, so it was not implemented yet