Need to manually enlarge a frame to see content of large component

Also, when editing a large component, I often find myself having to manually enlarge the “frame” (or whatever it’s called in Plasmic) so I can see my content

I wish editing components could work more like editing pages

And when I convert my selection to a component, I often end up in some view that looks like this, with the content of the component haphazardly cropped so I can’t see most of it

Indeed, we’re changing the defaults on this soon to use page-like behavior by default, but for now, you can opt into that behavior by doing this (it’s pretty buried)…

If you select an artboard, on its right you’ll see something to click on, and there you can set it to “Stretch mode” - hopefully this makes editing that one page-like component less painful

OMG I would not have found this in a million years on my own

Had no idea those dimensions were clickable

I know…

And I can set the background also. Hooray!

Semi-related, I find it very weird that the component settings disappear when I don’t have anything selected

feels like if i am viewing the component but don’t have anything selected in Outline, that’s exactly when i most want to see the fully expanded version of this