Nesting issue false positive

Possible false positive for “Issues”? In this component:

As far as I can see, there are no nested

tags in this component, and there is only one element of the other type it says is nested. Am I doing something wrong here?



This error seems to show for Icons that have the Icon property overridden (not outerHTML) … (outerHTML is prob an implementation detail)


Workflow for fixing these issues is not great. When clicking an element in the list, it does not always become apparent visually where it is, so I click to the Outline, fix the issue, click back, and the issues view is reset…

  1. Would be good if the issues view could remember config when you switch away from it… (remember search)
  2. It is also unclear what “deep inspect current page” does

@fmota to help!

@yang thank you
• If you search for something that does not exist, the search bar goes away, and you get the below message. You have to click out and in again to the issues view to get the search bar back


Nice with a smiley face, but that should only appear (with no search bar) if there are no issues at all in the whole project

@fmota any thoughts?

Hi @rear_vole I forgot to ping you, but the issue with filtering/search and the false positive in deep inspect should be already be fixed, still looking into the other ones

Thank you for the update @fmota. Are you planning to get more fixes for this rolled out this week, or will it take longer?

Yes, planning to push some fixes/improvements still this week