Network connection refused on localhost

Hi team, I’m getting this error on local host, what could have gone wrong?

are you using codegen + carousel? If you do a plasmic sync -p PROJECT_ID it should prompt you to also update the react-slick project, which will install @plasmicpkgs/react-slick . After that, please run plasmic fix-imports

I’m getting these when I try to plasmic sync -p PROJECT_ID (yes I am using codegen+carousel). Also how do I make sure these issues don’t crop up when I push to github from the plasmic interface?


We’re working on improving this but for now you’ll have to run sync manually

And the above errors? Do I have to update plasmic.json? How do I do that?

Does doing plasmic sync -p not update the plasmic.json?

No there don’t seem to be any changes in plasmic.json

hmm when you did plasmic sync -p, did it not prompt you to upgrade react-slick to 3.23.1?

It seems to have force updated but it doesn’t reflect in plasmic.json

in the codeComponents, do you see that the import paths have been updated to @plasmicpkgs/react-slick for the slider component?


yup. are you still seeing the same issue?

Ok it’s working on local host now! But it’s still showing version 3.21.0 in plasmic.json. will that be a problem?

no that should be fine!