New customizable headless components and npm libraries integration available

<!channel> We now have customizable (“headless”) Dialog, Drawer, Popover, and Tooltip—with beautiful (but fully customizable) default styles and animations! We’d love to hear what other headless components you’re looking for.


• You can now call common npm libraries - or register your own functions!
• Add your own data to currentUser
Full release notes:

Thanks! A more customizable table would be great. The existing Table component is limited in terms of how you can customize the table itself.

That’s the list, for now it’s only a fixed set of common libraries, but if there is another one that you’re trying to add, let us know and we can look into adding it

Gotcha. I think I misunderstood!

This makes sense

So are there now 2 different Popover components available? One from the Ant 5 system and one from Radix UI? Which one is used under Custom Behaviors?

We’re still working on improving the insert menu and letting you choose more explicitly which design system you want to use!

Generated code now has significantly shorter CSS class names, resulting in 20% smaller uncompressed payloads

This is an important one and may need to be highlighted more. I noticed it yesterday when I realized some functionality that relied on class names (not specific ones but the overall format from before) was no longer working.

This may be the kind of change that may need to be communicated before release, so that users have time to adapt if needed.

@exhaustive_panther Sorry to hear that, however in general it’s best not to rely on the randomly generated class names since they are unstable and can change anytime, even outside of changes like this one

I understand, i wasn’t relying on the specific classnames, but their format… which was something like “div___ComponentName___someId”. This was as part of an attempt to access the name of the named components in the studio, so I don’t have to name them and then name them again as part of an HTML attribute (I discussed some ideas on this level with Samuel). Anyway, I switched to IDs as a workaround for now.

Thanks @yang ! Please add Ant Design Icons in our library. :pray: