New here, looking for advices on building a site like or

Hey everyone, just learned about Plasmic today and it looks spectacular!

I’m trying to build a website similar to or where registered users can share reviews on consumer brands with data stored in Airtable (for now). What would be a recommended stack for a non-developer trying to launch this in a month?

Appreciate any advices and resources. Thanks!

Plasmic for frontend, and airtable as the backend is already a good enough low code stack. You can add zapier or n8n to handle the rest of the functions.

But i think, strapi would be much easier to handle the user authentication.

Thanks @little_butler! Yeah, user authentication is one thing I was struggling with using airtable as backend.

I was also looking at Supabase, do you have any preference between that and strapi?

First, you have to consider how, and where you want to host your backend.

If you’re not good enough with linux or docker, i would say go with supabase. It’s the easiest to start and obviously a good enough free tier.

While, if you are confident enough to host a cms yourself, go for strapi, it already has everything you would want as a quick backend. Moreover, Plasmic has inbuilt strapi integration.

And just a tip, Use easypanel at Digital ocean’s (2gb droplet) one click installation, and there pick the strapi as template and just change the source docker image to this “naskio/strapi:latest” It’s the smoothest possible way to host strapi by yourself, :wink:

But a major difference between the two i have noticed is, strapi doesn’t have field level security (at least not without tinkering with the codes) while supabase does have it.

Great suggestions! Strapi is a solid cms.

If you are building more of an application with a database that is something you expect users to make updates and write to, then using a database like postgres or Supabase will be easier with plasmic because the plasmic integration supports making these write operations. Many of our users do use Supabase which is also open source and self-hostible, and is ultimately just a postgres database.

One issue with air table is that the API limits are very low and they throttle heavily, so it may be enough to have a small prototype but not production grade.

Awesome, you just saved me hours of research and pulling my hair out! Thanks :laughing:

Thanks for the insights! I’m actually hoping to build a SEO-optimized site, is that still possible though with strapi or supabase?

Hey mike.

That’s largely down to yourself, not Strapi. Unless you build the integration in a way that causes dynamic pages to load slowly etc in which case it’s an issue, but yeah it’s down to you.

What is your thinking behind this comment? Were you concerned about meta titles/descriptions? Loading times etc?