New here, loving what I'm seeing

After a long journey through many competing products including Bubble, Noodl, Framer, Clutch, finally giving up and trying my hand hard coding React manually (NPM blah blah, which was a big fail)… I finally found this product and holy cow I’m in love. PLEASE get the word out better. I can’t tell you how many times I googled React GUI builders and you guys never showed up. I found you through Supabase Low Code tools, and sadly you were near the bottom of grid and so I wasted many days (okay weeks) on tools that are clearly inferior.

Now, that I’ve found you all please don’t go anywhere! Loving everything I’m seeing so far. And also please be patient with me as I’m probably going to be asking some newbie Supabase integration questions.

@final_tiglon thanks for the love :slightly_smiling_face: and the feedback (KW search) regarding how you found other similar builders.

First newbie question, why don’t I see Supabase under databases. I’m only seeing Airtable. We are trying to integrate with an existing Supabase. I see it still works because I can clone the Pokédex Supabase demo project from YouTube. And when I do that I see all the Supabase components. And I’m happy using that as my starting place, however, if I take that approach I can’t seem to find where to change my supabaseURL and keys. I’m also getting this message which goes WAY over my head.

Never mind on the URL and Key thing, I followed the directions on the supabase site and it worked.

I have to admit I was getting a bit crestfallen when I realized I was being dumped back into Git / yarn world again. I just want a gui and a gui alone. But I guess this is low-code, not no-code. I’ve never been a fan of command line stuff. But it’s still a very impressive tool, and the best I’ve come across so far.

I’m sure I’ll just have to keep coming back to this tutorial to remember how to do the yarn dev yadda yadda stuff every time… (Man do I ever miss Macromedia Director, or even Hypercard, ah well) :disappointed:

Still getting the above “plasmic/* packages” error, and I’m not quite clear on how to fix that, and if doing so will break this Supabase integration.

Alright I figured it out, I think. After doing all the githbby stuff, and getting the files local to my machine terminal’d into the root of my project folder and then ran:

yarn add @plasmicapp/loader-nextjs

And that seemed to clear things up.

@final_tiglon Thanks for the feedback!

We’re adding some new capabilities to Plasmic to make it possible to do pure no-code for apps like this Supabase example. We’ll also be making Supabase into a built-in data source.

I look forward to this tool being even more _no-_code-y in the future, that’s great news. However, my current need is a complex and dynamic Dashboard that needs several charts (donut and line charts mostly), but due to a lack of any kind of built in charts I’m afraid I’m going to have to step off this train for now, I just don’t have the coding chops to add ChartJS in by myself… On to the next tool, probably weweb, (I’m running out of tools to try that are listed on supabase’s site. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: ).

I loved learning Plasmic, and I know it has a bright future. Your site building UI is the best on earth, (and your tutorial is also one of the best designed ever). I’m sure I’ll be back for simpler website builds, but unfortunately plasmic is presently too ‘code-heavy’ for me to use for this urgent mostly one-man project. I’ll be keeping my eye on you folks, great work, and great progress considering how new-ish it is and how small your team appears to be. Impressive!

shoutout to noodle!

Noodl has potential. I love coding with nodes/graphs going all the way back to one of my favorite programming languages from 1989 with serius/AppWare/microbrew

yeah cool! i never messed with it but I’m a big PureData/Max fan. Doing stuff in too.

Microbrew in 1992:


What’s crazy is that this was no-code 33 years before no-code became a thing.