New in Plasmic: custom CSS, custom embeds, carousel slider, CMS early access,, global context components

<!channel> Hey folks! I know some of you have already spotted and even started using these recent additions, but they’re now officially announced!

the sanity example link is broken :sweat_smile:

Amazing! Custom css just solved a bunch of our problems!

@grubby_quelea Yikes! Well, here it is :sweat_smile:

:man_dancing: Party Time :tada:

@yang Regarding the Global Context Components, does that mean once registered as a GCC we don’t need to register them per project and the componenents will be available in all our projects?

So much new stuff to learn and to experiment a lot of new ideas :heart: :rocket:

@costly_lungfish For now the GCC settings are still local to a single project (but apply to all pages/components) - there isn’t a way yet to share that across projects

I was just going to create a code components for carousel using slick… It’s available in store by now :100:

@zonal_mammal Great minds! :joy:

We were discussing this very afternoon about custom CSS… and we received your newsletter tonight announcing it: awesome! :star-struck:

This is great!

looking at your sanity example i see you are using some plasmic components that I am not aware of (DataProvider, useSelector) and I can’t find any documentation on these. So far i’ve been using the plasmic-next-loader package, which doesn’t even have them…can you point me in the right direction to understand how to use them?

Hi @soft_crane, lmk if this helps:

Hi guys, how can you find how to add the Carousel slider that has been announced? Thanks in advance

@yang Hi, how can i get early access to the cms? This is THE missing feature my company may have waited for

Hi @organic_ocelot,
The Carousel component is in the Component Store which is under the Insert Menu ( shortcut Q ).

@skinny_grouse :eyes:

Hey, I’m also interested in get early access to the cms.

Hi @level_roundworm @formal_dolphin ! Can you please reply with your plasmic team id to the early access thread?

Finding your plasmic team id:

  1. Go to Plasmic’s Dashboard
  2. Click on your team’s name from the left sidebar
  3. Copy the id from the link in the browser’s address bar