New packages added during plasmic sync

GM! In our last plasmic sync, the package.json got this new dependencies:

    "@ant-design/pro-components": "^2.6.16",
    "@plasmicpkgs/antd5": "^0.0.114",
    "@plasmicpkgs/plasmic-rich-components": "^1.0.119",

I wanted to know if this is expected or if there is a way to avoid those dependencies

Hey @astronomical_owl!Could you please check if your project has imported the Package antd5 hostless ?

Ohh, you are right, thanks. I need to check why we are importing it now (and not before this sync). Probably we are not using it.

Screenshot 2023-09-04 at 10.55.22.png

That happens automatically once you use one of the template components from one of these preconfigured packages within Studio

Yes! There are some components and templates that depend on these packages. One example is the Form component that will import the antd5 hostless package.

I get it, thank you!